NuKaffe Coffee Flour

What is it?

Nukaffe Coffee Flour is a new product from CPF Green Solutions that is high in fibre, vegan and gluten-free flour produced from recovered Spent Coffee Grounds. It is also high in antioxidants, iron, excellent source of potassium, magnesium and protein making it an environmentally conscious and a healthy alterative flour product.

Why use
Spent Coffee Grounds?

Australian’s love coffee: on average, Australians consume 1.91 kilograms of coffee per person in 2021, 0.7 kilograms of that being roasted coffee beans. That’s 17.9 million kilograms of freshly ground coffee! This also generates 17.9 million kilograms of food waste. After a cup coffee is brewed using roasted coffee beans, the Spent Coffee Grounds typically finds its way into landfill.

Spent Coffee Grounds release methane into the atmosphere while decomposing, a greenhouse gas that has 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide.

Besides the environmental effect of brewing a cup of coffee, the Spent Coffee Grounds still have significant nutritional value; only a fraction of the nutritional value is extracted when brewing coffee.

By upcycling and repurposing the Spent Coffee Grounds into useable products, we can help divert methane producing waste from going into landfill and redirect nutrition back into the functional food supply chain.

How is NuKaffe Coffee Flour made?

First, the Spent Coffee Grounds made from roasted coffee beans that are collected from local coffee shops in food safe containers specifically for Spent Coffee Grounds, ensuring the Spent Coffee Grounds are free of contaminates. The collected Spent Coffee Grounds are then brought back to CPF Green Solutions facility in Brisbane.

The fresh Spent Coffee Grounds are then gently dried using a natural gas fired hot air drier at an optimal temperature for quick drying but keeping the nutritional value intact and then sifted to remove any contaminants.

The next step extracts the oil from the SCG using a green and sustainable technology known as Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fluid Extraction (SC-CO2). SC-CO2 is substitute to traditional solvent extraction methods that uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly CO2 at high pressures to extract material from biomass. SC-CO2 also has anti-microbial properties, ensuring a safe, clean, and sterilised product. [1]

After the Coffee Oil is extracted from the Spent Coffee Grounds via the SC-CO2 process, the remaining dried coarse coffee powder is further processed by milling into a fine flour, turning the dried Spent Coffee Grounds into NuKaffe Coffee Flour to be used in the consumer food market

[1] Nilza Ribeiro et al., ‘A New Era for Sterilization Based on Supercritical CO2 Technology’, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 108, no. 2 (2020): 399–428,

How to use
Nukaffe Coffee Flour

NuKaffe Coffee Flour is gluten-free, decaffeinated and doesn’t taste like coffee but has a smooth delicious nutty and light chocolate flavour.


NuKaffe Coffee Flour makes a great inclusion in breads, pizza bases, Ready to Eat snacks (such as protein balls, granola, and muesli bars), muffins, cookies, brownies, sauces, beverages, and protein health drinks.


Nukaffe Coffee Flour is best used as a supplement to traditional flours from 10% to 25% to add subtle flavours and increase nutritional value.


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