Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extracted Coffee Oil


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Key Benefits of Supercritical CO2 Extracted Coffee Oil

Linoleic Fatty Acid 45%

Linoleic Fatty Acid 45% (C18:2w6) Categories: Skin-Soothing, Antioxidants, Skin-Restoring, Emollients Unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid used as an emollient to soften or sooth the skin and as a thickening agent in cosmetics.

Oleic Fatty Acid 8.1%

Oleic Fatty Acid 8.1% (C18:1w9) Categories: Cleansing Agents, Texture Enhancer Oleic acid is a natural, monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that’s found in many plants. Interestingly, research has shown that topical application of oleic acid on its own can disrupt skin’s barrier; however...

Arachidic Fatty Acid 2.1%

Arachidic Fatty Acid 2.1% (C20:0) Categories: Texture Enhancer, Emollients Used as an emollient (having the quality of softening or soothing the skin) and thickening agent in cosmetics.

SGS HACCP Certified

Produced in CPF Green Oils SGS Certified HACCP Facility in accordance to strict quality controls to ensure a safe and consistent product.

Stearic Fatty Acid 6.5% (C18:0)

Categories: Thickeners/Emulsifiers, Emollients, Skin-Replenishing Fatty acid used as an emollient and emulsifier. It has been shown to protect skin's surface against water loss and help shore up skin's protective barrier..

Palmitic Fatty Acid 35% (C16:0)

Categories: Emollients, Skin-Replenishing, Cleansing Agents Fatty acid found naturally in skin and used as the basis for many palmitate ingredients. Palmitic acid has many functions in cosmetics, from detergent cleansing agent to emollient. In a cleanser, it has the potential to be drying depending on what it’s combined with and the cleanser’s pH level...


Pure Extracts
CPF Coffee Oil consists primarily of polyunsaturated linoleic acid with a high content of palmitic acid making it well suited for use in cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, massage oils, creams and balms.
Anti Ageing
Anti-ageing properties make it ideal for use in facial creams and other oil based cosmetics. The linoleic acid and oleic acids found in CPF Coffee Oil cannot be produced by the body but can play a crucial role in skin health and anti-aging
Body Butters & Creams
Stimulating effect can help keep skin smooth, especially when incorporated in body butters, creams and lotions.
Massage Oils & Sprays
CPF Coffee Oil is great mixed with a carrier oil for a relaxing, soothing massage, particularly if you have sore joints or muscles with a pleasant alluring aroma.
Adding CPF Coffee Oil to any bar of soap, unscented shampoo or conditioner will help transfer the pleasant aroma of the oil onto your body.

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Technical Data Sheet V4075 Cosmetic Applications

Technical Data Sheet V4076 Food & Beverage Applications